Rogue – My First 24 Hour Adventure Race!


Rogue 24 Race Report.

Although not officially an Intrepid Tiger Adventurer’s team,  Steve Amor partnered up with Lasse Holch Nielsen for the Rogue Adventure 24hour race on Saturday 23rd April – and somehow, came third!
Having met just 2 weekends ago for a 3 hour practice Rogaine and with me never having done a 24 hour race I can’t say either of us expected too much, however at the end of the event we came 3rd outright.
Lasse Hails from Denmark and has recently arrived in Brisbane for a few months study – he’s done Adventure Races overseas before. To the contrary, I live in Brisbane and this was my first ever 24 hour race.To explain how little time we’d had together, we hadn’t even discussed who was sitting where in the kayak until we got to the boats!
Our “planning” saw us aim for all but 3 CPs and the final Lake Manchester kayak was always going to be optional, depending on time. However, after some “reality checking” with other teams, we built in a few optional short-cuts that we could use if time was getting away from us. NOTE: we took ALL the short-cuts during the race!!!
From the start we took off on our bikes up and down mountains for about 6 hours as we headed up to the top of Mt Glorious – Things didn’t start well when within 10 minutes of the race beginning I went over the handlebars down the first steep hill! Note, later again we learnt that the track down from Goodes Rd to CP20 was completely un-rideable and in fact, almost un-walkable it was that steep!!!
From TA22 we took off on the 7 hour hike section in an anti-clockwise direction to successfully clear that stage. The 225m vertical hike from CP26 to 27 crawling on hands and knees through Lantana and 375m from CP 30,31 & back to Joyner Ridge Road to the East were very memorable in the dark. It was here that one of the novice teams stuck with us (we decided that for their own sake we would let them follow us back to the path….)
Back on the bikes around 11pm and a blast down the range getting all CPs on the way (we still don’t understand what a “Seismic Bunker” is – but it looks interesting!). It was at CP16 and hours later than we had planned, that we enacted the first “short cut” and rode South via CP15 and East of Lake Manchester overtaking many teams back to HQ. Here we punched in and Liam downloaded our score I remember him saying with some surprise “wow, good score!” It turns out we were third at that moment, although he didn’t tell us and anyway we were too interested in cold pizza!
A quick TA, and off for a mini rogaine down to the river kayak leg at about 3am. We purposely missed CP37 as it was only 20 points, and into the boats. Up river to CP39, when suddenly the steering broke on full right lock! a slow limp back to get a new boat we lost at least 15 minutes at this point, but were soon back on the boat heading downriver when we quickly realised this was swift water! Nobody warned us about this! Many times we were out of the boats in the fog until about 2 hours later the sun came up just in time for us to finally see 2 more teams to overtake (one who had done the whole kayak leg also with broken steering) and we got to the CP in daylight which made it quite easy to find.
A slow transition out of the kayaks – I wanted to stand by the fire and drink coffee before my partner demanded we run off to get warm, he then hooked me up to a bungee cord and literally dragged me along. Lasse came into his own at this point – he’s a bit of a gun navigator and at one point near CP43 we left 4 other teams behind all who were in the wrong gully. By now we were seriously running out of time (and for me, energy) so Lasse nailed CP40 and then we headed back for a 10km run back to HQ. I’m surprised as this was my first 24 hour race that i was able to run so far almost non-stop 22 hours into the race (albeit with a little tow). Near HQ we knew we didn’t have time for the Lake Manchester kayak, however there was an easy 40 points just for running there, so with 45 minutes until the end, as everyone else was getting their final scores we rocked up to check-in for the kayak leg and off we ran straight away. I think the transition volunteers at the lake were a little surprised when we turned up with 30 minutes to go as nearly all the boats had been stacked away when we asked for a boat!!! But we were joking (to their relief) and we simply checked in and ran back to the finish line with 20 minutes to spare (a record for me, but that’s a different story 😉
We thought we were top 10, but surprised to find we had come third overall.
1) Swimming though the Gorge at sunset – where is your camera when you need it?
2) Meeting some great teams over and over again – we were really pushing it on the second bike leg and we overtook a lot of teams – and everyone seemed tired but really friendly!
3) Learning to ride steep downhill tracks
4) Learning how to be towed on a bike up a hill
5) Learning how to be towed whilst running up a hill
1) Being cold and wet at sunrise at the TA after a 2 hour kayak and having to leave coffee and a fire to be towed by your team-mate back into the bush.
2) Taking a ‘short cut’ that turns out to take longer and ends in a 10m embankment that you have to slide down “just face the bank and slide down on your stomach” he says….
3) Having to learn how to ride steep downhill tracks
4) Having to learn how to be towed on a bike up a hill
5) Having to learn how to be towed whilst running up a hill
1) Riding along Mt Nebo Rd at 1am when a motorcyclists comes from nowhere and warns you of a bush fire up ahead! (we never found it).
2) Being told one of your fellow Tiger teammates broke their derailleur 30 seconds into the race – and cycled up Mt Glorious stuck in 4th gear!
3) Being told another of your fellow Tiger teammates (and the one you knew you could never beat) had pulled out from sickness.
In summary, I think most other teams would recognise us as the young guy towing the old guy everywhere – new to this we didn’t know many of you before the race but perhaps next time you’ll keep an eye on us 😉
Thanks Tiger Adventure for linking us up and the organisers of Rogue for giving us something fun to do on a Saturday night.
Bike: 4,5,7,6,18,20,21,TA 22
Hike: 33,28, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 34, 29, 30, 31, 32, TA22
Bike: 19, 17, 16, 15, 9, 8, 3, 2, HQ
Kayak: 35, 36, 38, 40, TA41
Hike / Rogaine / Run: 42, 43, 44, 45, 40, (long run), 51 (no, it WASN’T part of the kayak section), HQ
Kayak: 52, HQ
TOTAL DISTANCE: Approx 145km, with 4,300m elevation gain.
TOTAL TIME: 23 hour, 39 minutes
TOTAL SCORE: 2290, Third place.

Bike Leg #1 and #3 (we took the yellow highlighted “short cut” from CP16 to CP15 then CP9)


Hike Leg #2 – cleared


Rogaine / Kayak / Rogaine (we took the yellow shot-cut from CP45 to CP48, 51 then HQ)


One thought on “Rogue – My First 24 Hour Adventure Race!

  1. Hi Steve,

    Great job on your first 24hr and a well written race report.. overall we ended up doing a very similar track to you although slightly shorter trek 1 and 3 than you guys.

    All the best for Worlds..


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